Bounce Around the Stars With Robobunnies In Space!, Now on Steam Early Access

Published: February 15, 2019 5:00 PM /


robobunnies in space

Robobunnies In Space! is an interesting indie game that we got to try at a few Playcrafting events and it's now finally available on Steam Early Access according to a press release from the developers. The game was first stated to be coming to Steam Early Access a little over a week ago and now it's finally here. If you like classic arcade games with a twist, there might be something here that you'd enjoy!

In Robobunnies In Space!, players take on the role of two of the titular rabbits. Both rabbits are connected together by an energy tether protecting a magical crystal that will save the universe. Unfortunately, there are an awful lot of obstacles in their way! It's up to you (and potentially a friend) to navigate through 50 challenging levels in your quest to save the universe!

What makes this game interesting is its control scheme, especially from the single-player perspective. You control each of the two linked bunnies with one analog stick on your controller. Successfully navigating them past the game's many hazards can prove to be quite the challenge! I found it a little frustrating as I'm not super experienced with these kinds of games, but I'm sure that there are tons of arcade, twin-stick, and shmup fans out there that would love to play this kind of game.

If Robobunnies In Space! sounds like your kind of jam, you can pick it up right now on Steam for $4.79 or your regional equivalent, a 20% launch week discount off of its base price of $5.99. Robobunnies In Space! is planned to be in Steam Early Access for just a few short months.

What do you think of Robobunnies In Space!? Do you think you could successfully control two characters on screen at the same time? Let us know in the comments below!


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