Boat-Building Exploration Game Make Sail Launching Onto Early Access March 30th

Published: March 26, 2018 2:45 PM /


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Developer Popcannibal has announced that its procedurally generated boat-crafting exploration game Make Sail will launch into Steam Early Access on March 30. The game was funded on Fig back in November 2016 and sees players using components they find in a huge open-world to build a boat. Upgrading the ship allows players to reach further into the world, thus allowing them to get more and more gear.

Speaking in a press release about how Make Sail is a different experience to other video game sailing experiences, developer Ziba Scott said:

“Most video game boats are sluggish cars that ignore the wind. Our boats are wild horses of your own design, rooted in real physics, crafted to challenge the elements, chariots fit for the sea gods! They also break up and sink a lot. It's fun.”
The game features procedural placement of handcrafted islands, pieces, and creatures, surrounded by a sea which is governed by realistic physics which accounts for weight, shape, drag, lift, and drafting. There's a real emphasis on realistic wind and water effects, allowing players to execute real-life sailing maneuvers. It mixes these realistic physics with a fantasy setting, allowing players to experiment with an endless configuration of ship designs along with square sails, lateen sails, energy-field sails, propellers and jets

The announcement brings with it a brand new trailer showing off Make Sail's gorgeous world and modular crafting system. The video shows a player dismounting from their ship and proceeding onto an island on foot, before finally observing a huge tower from a nearby hill.

Developer Popcannibal is a Boston-based game studio which has previously worked on other indie titles such as Girls Like Robots and Elegy for a Dead World.

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