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Blue Reflection

Gust has another new RPG game in the works called Blue Reflection: Sword of the Girl Who Dances in Illusion. This all-new game has been described as a “heroic RPG” for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. New details about the game’s setting and characters have recently been revealed.

Blue Reflection
heroic RPG = Magical Girl

Featuring a cast of primarily female characters, the game will blend fantasy and reality as it explores the interactions between high school girls. Character designer and supervisor Mel Kishida has collaborated with series organizers Keiichi Sigsawa, Yusaku Igarashi, and Kouji Natsumi to create an original world. Set in a modern-day Japanese high school, Blue Reflection will also have fantasy elements that put an emphasis on human connections and relationships.

The long list of female cast members in this heroic RPG starts with the protagonist Hinako Shirai. A former ballerina who had to stop her career after an injury, Hinako likes classical music and hopes one day she will be able to dance again. The protagonist has a special “Reflector” power and is voiced by Yuki Takada.

Yuzuki Shijou-voiced by Marika Kouno and Raimu Shijou-voiced by Sawako Hata, are mysterious sisters which give Hinako her Reflector powers. The sisters suddenly appear as transfer students at Hinako’s school after meeting her. They have very different personalities - one energetic and fun loving, the other serious and empathetic but they both have an intense bond with their new friend.

Blue Reflection
Hinako talking with the Shijou sisters at school.

Depressed by her injury, Hinako goes through her time at Hoshinomiya Girls High School with little enjoyment. However, through her relationships with her classmates, her heart will begin to heal and find a new verve for life. Players will get the chance to meet many of these classmates and communicate with them.

When she meets Yazuki and Raimu she receives magical Reflector powers which she uses to fight mysterious enemies. Her magical girl transformation allows her to overcome her injury and freely move her body, which makes Hinako believe the Reflector power will help her foot heal. Yet, as she continues to use the powerful ability she discovers who her enemy is and how her battles  influence the world may be more important than her own desires.

Blue Reflection
A glimpse at Hinako's Reflector powers.

A release date for Blue Reflection: Sword of the Girl Who Dances in Illusion has not yet been announced. It will be released for PS4 and PS Vita in Japan when released. More information about the characters and setting of the game can be found on the recently published official website.

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