Blue Box Studios Releases Another Abandoned Teaser

Published: January 24, 2022 12:14 PM /



It's been a while since we've heard from Blue Box Game Studios but they're seemingly back up to their old tricks. On their website a "hidden" audio log has been found, which has a nearly two-minute-long machine-generated Japanese voiceover. 

In the voiceover, the narrator refers to how the Abandoned game demo was created by an "AI simulation group" and that Project Blue Box itself was an experiment with video games created by AI. The project-called Zero Cell- has malfunctioned and now it's the strongest AI the company has created.

Apparently, while the recording is in Japanese it's also obviously machine-translated, so it's not as if a Kojima game or some other kooky conspiracy is unfolding before our eyes. Instead, it's just Blue Box Game Studios up to their old tricks.

Last summer there was a ton of conversation over whether Abandoned was actually related to Kojima and Silent Hill, but now it's obvious that it's an advertising campaign of sorts. I say that because while the Abandoned demo/prologue is supposed to launch sometime in the next few months, it's anyone's guess on whether we'll ever receive anything at all.

The audio log was found via the (now-locked) Kojimbox subreddit at this link, which now provides a 404 Not Found page. So, for those of you who want to hear the audio file in question, it looks like you'll just have to wait until it pops up somewhere.

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For more information on this weird fake conspiracy, stay tuned to TechRaptor.

Quick Take

Now, this is starting to get sad. I get that making games is hard and getting word out there can be even harder, but repeatedly lying and stirring up hope in Silent Hill and Kojima fans is a scummy way of getting attention. A five-second "demo" is proof of nothing, and if your game was any good it should be able to stand on its own merits, and with the way this saga keeps unfolding it looks like Abandoned is destined to be... abandoned. Basically, it's time to puit up or shut up, Blue Box.

What do you think of this news? Do you still think Blue Box Game Studios is legit? If not, do you think they should stop this form of advertising? Let us know in the comments!

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