Blue Box Studios Delays Abandoned Trailer App On PS5

Blue Box Studios continues to tease with Abandoned, as the PlayStation 5 Trailer App will take some more time to show up

Published: June 21, 2021 10:12 AM /


The player wielding a gun in a forest in Abandoned

Blue Box's upcoming survival sim Abandoned was due to get a trailer app on PS5 this week, but the studio has delayed its release by a few days. The app will now be available on June 25th and will periodically feature new trailers and announcements for Abandoned.

Why has the Abandoned PS5 trailers app been delayed?

Speaking on Twitter, Blue Box says it had to delay the trailers app due to "localization issues". The app, which was originally due to launch on June 20th, will feature all of the new trailers and gameplay reveals for Abandoned, with "images rendered [in] realtime by the PS5's hardware" rather than simple video content. Blue Box says that when the app does launch, it will start with an introduction to acclimatize users to its functions.

A still forest scene in Abandoned
When the Abandoned PS5 trailers app does launch, it will feature realtime-rendered gameplay trailers for the survival horror sim.

Responding to a user suggesting the app will just "tease another announcement", Blue Box confirmed that "some of [the trailers] will be available" this summer. The studio also reiterated that the app will contain every gameplay trailer and reveal for Abandoned as they're created, so if you are awaiting news on the game - as we all currently are - then the app will be the place to get it. Presumably, when it does launch, you'll be able to grab the Abandoned PS5 trailers app from the PlayStation Store, but we'll bring you more on this as we get it.

What is Abandoned?

Abandoned is an upcoming horror survival sim exclusive to the PS5. We don't know much about the project yet; there hasn't been an official gameplay reveal, and Abandoned is just a placeholder name, so we don't actually know what the finished game will be called. Blue Box's Twitter bio promises that a gameplay reveal is "coming soon", however, so it may just be a few days before we get to see Abandoned in action. We do know it'll leverage the unique capabilities of the DualSense controller and that it will feature a "cinematic style first-person story", though. You can check out the announcement trailer here.

In recent weeks, Abandoned has gained notoriety thanks to a prominent conspiracy theory which alleges that it is actually auteur developer Hideo Kojima's next game, that it could be a new Silent Hill game, and that Kojima is deliberately obfuscating these facts. You can read our full breakdown of this crazy theory and all of the developments surrounding it right here. For its part, Blue Box has denied any involvement with Kojima or Silent Hill, but the conspiracy shows no sign of abating (and probably won't until that gameplay reveal comes around). Stay tuned for more.

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