Bloody Hell Hotel Invites You To Manage A Rural Hotel Nightmare

Published: August 16, 2022 10:41 AM /


Bloody Hell Hotel key art

Bloody Hell Hotel is a recently announced first-person hotel simulation that will have players struggling to turn their once-grand estate into a thriving hotel business. As a vampire, things will get spooky and bloody, which makes sense considering the developer and publisher is Unfold Games, the minds behind DARQ. Let's see how the renovations are going, shall we?

What can I expect from Bloody Hell Hotel?

Players will need to renovate their estate, which means that broken furniture needs to be fixed, appliances need to be installed, and rooms need to be cleaned. The vampiric powers players have at their disposal will help accelerate the process, which is an interesting touch. As players renovate, they'll also be able to customize their hotel by upgrading, decorating, or furnishing it. This should eventually result in clients coming to stay, because why wouldn't you? It's a fancy hotel, after all.

The player can then regenerate their powers by sucking on their guests' blood, which makes sense considering you're a vampire and all. Coinage can also be saved by using their "meat" to save money on food, which just ain't right, but hey, you're a vampire, so roll with it.

Bloody Hell Hotel screenshot
Players will be able to personally welcome their guests into their Bloody Hell Hotel.

As this is a hotel, players will need to hire employees and fellow vampires to staff it. Money and blood will be needed to entice good employees, and in doing so, players will have to farm and cook. The dungeons below the hotel have more than enough room for the player to farm, milk undead cows, and beat back the monsters that now call the underground home. As the monsters won't evict themselves, players will have to create their own weapons in the blacksmith's workshop and arm themselves to the pointed teeth.

If you want to see Bloody Hell Hotel in action, check out its announcement trailer below, courtesy of IGN!

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