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With Bloodborne being delayed next year, fans of FromSoftware are still eager to know what this PS4 exclusive will have to offer. Perhaps the delay has even heightened that by reminding them that it’s on the horizon in early 2015. 

Whatever caused the hunger for information on it to be born; Masaaki Yamagiwa took to the Playstation blog to discuss some details of the game. Promising more to come at the Playstation Experience next month, they focused largely on art and setting hints here.


Skipping over already revealed things we can see Gyula, an ancient hunter. Known for his great skill, 3 years ago Gyula disappeared when he journeyed into the oldest parts of Yharnam, which had been burnt to the ground in the wake of the plague of the beast 3 years ago. Deserted, and looking at the picture eerie, the old parts of Yharnam look like an abandoned gothic city remnants, lifeless yet spooky.

Abandoned places seem to be a running theme here, as Cainhurst Castle is supposedly abandoned and frozen over. The family that dwelt there just disappeared, and nothing has been found out? What await you here in this mysterious location?


Bloodborne moves away from Dark Souls’ more medieval fantasy to more of a modernish gothic game with similarly dark atmosphere that much of Dark Souls’ had. While Dark Souls’ enemies often were soulless more or less, lost or corrupted in one way or another, it appears that Bloodborne will be going for more creatures of your nightmares. It wants to be an action-horror game and uses a few things to keep the focus on the former more so with the latter being atmospheric.

The first is that the weapons in the game are more modern and quicker to use. They can transform – so your battle cane might turn into a giant whip to allow more flexibility in weapons. Guns are in – so of course the shotgun is there to provide some weighty reassurance. Perhaps you prefer transforming saw blades that turn your enemies into dust when hit?

The second part is that they want the combat here to be quicker and more pro-active. While Dark Souls’ combat is the closest to puzzle combat in many ways in an action game, Bloodborne wants to be faster and more proactive. It’s not about waiting for the right opening but creating it using its combo styles and the Regain System to get life back during combat.

The last bit they showed off was an exclusive picture of ancient ruins under Yharnam, crafted by non-human hands. Every hunter who enters will see them differently – though they didn’t describe quite what that means, teasing it to be at the Playstation Experience. Best guess? Procedurally Generated dungeon!


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