Blood Gets Bloodier With Blood: Fresh Supply

Published: May 9, 2019 3:20 PM /



The original and super edgy first-person shooter Blood was a cult classic back in the day, and now it's back and more gory than ever with its new remaster: Blood: Fresh Supply.

Blood: Fresh Supply completely enhances the original Blood experience. It supports modern resolutions, has keybinding and controller support. Other inclusions include graphical options such as antialiasing and ambient occlusion. The online also received an overhaul with rewritten netcode, and contains local split-screen and online.

In Blood: Fresh Supply you'll take on zombies, demons, Thompson-toting cultists, and more in this dark adventure. You're equipped with different weapons such as TNT, a pitchfork, and even a lighter. FPS staples such as a shotgun and machine gun are also included, but there's plenty of unconventional and unique weapons - even a voodoo doll.

The full package is included here. Blood: Fresh Supplier includes the full base game and its two add-ons. The first one is Cryptic Passage, which contains an entirely episode (with 10 levels) and multiplayer maps. The appropriately-named Plasma Pak includes one extra episode, including several new enemies and even alternate fire modes for some weapons.

Originally by Monolith Productions, this 1997 game got its remaster by Nightdive Studios, whose prior releases include Forsaken Remastered, an enhanced Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, and the upcoming System Shock remake.

Blood: Fresh Supply is available now for $9.99 on GoG, Steam, the Humble Store, and the Discord Store some time today as well.

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Quick Take

It's a good time to be an FPS fan. I grew up with Nintendo consoles, and PC gaming wasn't something I was involved in until later on in my life. I missed out on a lot of good shooters like Blood, so I do try to go out of my way and play these FPS games I missed. That said, one barrier is just how old they are, so I'm always happy to see a remaster make my job easier. 


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