Blockverse MC NFT Rips Off Minecraft Modders

January 26, 2022

By: Patrick Perrault


Another day, another NFT scam. What a strange life we live in, eh? Well, another NFT promising the world has come and gone, taking millions of dollars worth of Ethereum with it. Basically, Blockverse MC recently launched, and it was supposed to be an on-chain NFT on the Ethereum blockchain that was supposedly built to a play to earn PVP mod for Minecraft using NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. While NFTs aren't liked by the vast majority of those that care, there's enough people out there that are invested in the idea. How invested? Well, enough for the founder to make off like a bandit.

What happened with Blockverse MC?

The project initially sold out in eight minutes. That's 500 ETH or about $1,321,520 USD as of the time of publishing. 792 ETH in secondary sales were also sold, which is about $2,093,287.68 USD. The founder didn't receive all of that, though, only a portion. Still, the founder of the scam made about $1.5 million dollars, give or take a few hundred thousand, and now the rug has been pulled out.


The Discord link for Bockverse MC is now invalid and the website is also offline. A cached version of the website shows that 6 factions, 14 million playable chunks, and 10 thousand characters were promised. "Each character is personalized and unique! Which will be yours?" Turns out that none of them will be anyone's, although if you want to waste some money the site is for Blockverse MC is still open. They are still selling too, with a few sold every hour or so, some for hundreds of dollars. 

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