BlizzCon 2015: Heroes of the Storm Panel

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The panel began with the Heroes team breaking down the design process for bringing a a hero into the Nexus for Heroes of the Storm. The Heroes of the Storm team develops and tests a new character over a 17 week period  before they can go into the game.

From there, the team broke down the three new characters for Heroes of the Storm.

Lunara, the Night Elf Dryad


  • Lunara has an movement ability in Heroes of the Storm. a 20% movement speed bonus but unable to mount up.
  • Lunara's passive ability is  Natures Toxin. Her attacks apply a poison DOT effect.
  • [Q] Noxious Blossom: AOE that does damage and applies the Nature's Toxin affect
  • [W] Crippling Spores: only usable when Nature's toxin as active, slows enemies.
  • [E] Wisp: Send a Wisp out from her location to give vision along its path
  • Heroics
    • [R] Thornwood Vine: long range skill shot on a 15 second cooldown with 3 charges
    • [R] Leaping Strike: Lunara targets an enemy, leaps over them and throws a spear as she passes. 2 charges to jump over an enemy and jump back
  • Lunara also has anti magic capabilities.
    • At level 13. reduces magic damage by 75%.
    • The level 20 talent, Abolish Magic, can remove CC and DOTs from you and an ally

Greymane, King of Gilneas


Greymane's inclusion came from a desire to bring in more ranged characters to Heroes of the Storm. The initial idea was based around a character that could chip away from afar and go in to finish an enemy off in melee range.

  • [E] Darkflight and Disengage
    • As human, Greymane dives at the enemy and becomes a Worgen and attacks.
    • As Worgen, Greymane pops away and attacks with his firearm.
  • [Q] Gilnean Cocktail and Razor Swipe
    • As Human, Greymane throws a mixture at enemies, dealing little damage to the first enemy, but much more to enemies behind them.
    • As Worgen, Greymane swipes across multiple enemies.
  • Heroics
    • March for the Kill; human Greymane can fire a silver bullet at enemy, marking them to deal 25% more damage from all sources.
    • Go For the Throat: Worgen Greymane leaps at the enemy doing massive damage, if Greymane kills an enemy with this, he can use it again for free.
      • Level 20 Ability, Unleashed lets Greymane use Go For The Throat repeatedly

Cho'Gall, Leader of the Twilight's Hammer


Cho'Gall is unique in that he is controlled by two players working in concert. Cho'Gall is also distributed in a unique way. Attendees of BlizzCon as well as virtual ticket holders recieve him free and can distribute him by playing matches with other players who don't have him.

One player controls Cho, a melee character while the other rides shotgun as Gall, a spellcaster with ranged abiltities.

  • [E] Rune Bomb: Cho throws a bomb that deals damage, and Gall can press [E] to detonate it
  • Cho'Gall can use abilities simultaneously to defeat 2 or even 3 characters at the same time, to bring the "raid boss" feel to this hero.

After the breakdown of the three new heroes, the Heroes of the Storm team announced that Tracer, the face of Blizzards new shooter Overwatch, will be coming to Heroes of the Storm in the near future.

Thats it for the Heroes of the Storm Panel! Be sure to check TechRaptor for all the news coming of of BlizzCon This weekend!

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