Blizzard Unveils New Overwatch Hero Baptiste

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Blizzard Unveils New Overwatch Hero Baptiste

February 25, 2019

By: Jack Waibel

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Blizzard has officially announced the New Overwatch Hero Baptiste, a former Talon operative and deadly combat medic. The announcement came via an origin story trailer posted on the game's official Youtube channel.

Baptiste is a Haitian-born orphan who lost his family and home during the Omnic Crisis. Circumstances left him with little choice but to take up arms and fight to survive, eventually landing himself a spot within the villainous Talon. That partnership eventually ended on sour terms, with Baptiste turning his back on the organization to try and fight for a better world, "one bandage... or bullet at a time."

The new hero was teased last week in a blog post on the game's official website. In it, we learned of a Talon defector named Baptiste who was being hunted down by a team of Talon operatives. The post alluded to him being both a skilled medic and deadly soldier, a theme reiterated in the hero's announcement trailer. Though origin story trailers for new Overwatch heroes are usually accompanied by another video showcasing the hero's abilities and gameplay mechanics, no such video for Baptiste has been released yet. As such, fans are currently in the dark about how exactly the character will play. Given what we know about the character so far, however, it's probably safe to assume that Baptiste will be a support hero with an aptitude for dishing out damage as well.


Baptiste will be the game's 9th post-launch hero and the 30th overall. There's been no word on an official release date other than "soon", but it's not unusual for new Overwatch heroes to show up on the PTR less than a week or so after their announcement, with a full release only a couple weeks after that.

Think you'll give Baptiste a shot? Does Baptiste interest you as the new Overwatch hero, or are you like me and just play Orisa all day every day? Let us know in the comments below. 

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