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Published: July 12, 2016 3:35 PM /


Blizzard Entertainment Overwatch Ana Amari

Blizzard Entertainment has released information on the newest hero (and first post-release character) to join the ranks of the Overwatch roster; Ana Amari, one of the founding members of the Overwatch organization and mother to the Offense character Fareeha Amari. The official Overwatch YouTube account put out two videos featuring her today. The first is her Origin story, seen below.

Ana's Origin trailer details her reasons for joining Overwatch; the desire to make a better world for her daughter Fareeha. Despite this, and despite Fareeha growing up surrounded by heroes, Ana didn't want the life of an Overwatch member for her daughter. Ana is haunted by the lives she took in order to protect the safety of the world, and the ones that she didn't (namely fellow support sniper Widowmaker, who is apparently responsible for blinding her in one eye). Letting the world believe she was dead, and lamenting the loss of her friends, she continues to protect those who need protecting from the shadows.

Ana's game play trailer (seen below) and official character page detail her abilities in-game. Her primary weapon is the biotic rifle, a sniper rifle that not only damages opponents, but restores her teammates health. Like any good sniper rifle would, it comes equipped with a scope allowing Ana to land accurate shots. Ana also is equipped with biotic grenades, which also restores health to her teammates and damages the opponents. Any other sources of healing that are active when the grenade goes off receive a boost for allies and enemies will be unable to heal for a short period of time. Ana's sidearm fires sleeping darts, which leaves enemies unconscious, although they'll wake up if they take any damage. Her ultimate is the Nano Boost, which grants one of her allies with combat boosts like faster movement speed, higher damage output, and increased damage reduction.

TechRaptor's Kyle Downey reported on a new Overwatch character being teased earlier this year; not only does the teased "Sombra" character have visual similarities to Ana, but utilizes the same biotic rifle that Ana does in the gameplay teaser trailer. It's possible that Sombra is Ana Amari; however, due to the characters having dissimilar origins (Ana is Egyptian, while Sombra supposedly has ties to Mexico) means that this is unconfirmed for the time being.

Ana is playable today on the Overwatch Public Test Region on PC. When her full launch on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be, is yet to be announced.

Stay tuned to TechRaptor for further coverage of Ana and Overwatch.

What are your thoughts on Overwatch's newest character? How do you think she'll affect the meta? Do you think Ana is Sombra? Let us know in the comment section below!


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