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Published: May 31, 2016 6:31 PM /


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Nearly 5 years after it's announcement in 2012, plans were officially unveiled to bring Bless Online to the America and Europe during a GameBeat interview with Aeria Games' chief operating officer, Tom Nicols. Created by Korean developer Neowiz, the Berlin-based publisher will be overseeing the Westernized version of the popular MMO. Aeria Games has stated that Bless will change very little from its Asian counterpart, suggesting that the game may even enter a beta phase sometime this year. Bless Online just recently launched its Korean Open Beta, having spent over 5 years in development with long stretches of time between public testing, the third and final closed beta taking place a full eight months after the second.


In development since September 2009, Bless Online has been a hotly anticipated MMO title since early previews showed intensely realistic graphics, a sprawling open-world landscape and real-time visuals far ahead of even current generation gaming. Bless Studios, a branch of Neowiz dedicated to the upcoming namesake MMO, built the game in Unreal Engine 3, utilizing then-experimental software Unreal Landscape to render even distant landscapes at higher resolutions with reduced impact on computer load.

As a spiritual successor to MMOs like Lineage 2 and Guild Wars, Bless is set to feature massive PvP battles of 250 vs 250 and Realm vs Realm combat, alongside its quest-based progression system, raids, and in-depth crafting system. Each of the 10 playable character races has their own starting area that following a longer, intersecting storyline, with multiple classes that are defined by their role in party-based play. A hybrid combat MMO, Bless features both traditional tab-targeting and active combat options for a more action-oriented feel.

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Aeria Games' teaser site for the anticipated MMO can be found here, though information about the game is currently lacking. Prospective players can also visit fansite Bless Source for details on what to expect from the game, guides of gameplay, and sneak peaks at the Korean Open Beta.

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