Blazing Sails: Pirate Battle Royale Embarks in Early September

Published: August 29, 2020 9:33 PM /


blazing sails

Being a pirate is dangerous business, and in the upcoming Blazing Sails, you'll have to be cutthroat and battle against other crews as you plunder your way to victory. Now, players won't have to wait long since the release date of this battle royale was just announced.

During Gamescom 2020, Iceberg Interactive announced that Blazing Sails: Pirate Battle Royale, developed by Get Up Games, releases on September 9, 2020. It's going to be an Early Access title, so this isn't a full release just yet.


Players will create and customize their own pirate with a myriad of clothing options, as well as things like facial hair and hair color. Player ships also have customization options. Set sail with a crew of mates on your own ship and fight others in naval battles. You'll have to manage things like your ship's sails and address any damage as you duke it out with other crews.

Naval warfare is just half the battle, as players can set out on land and search for booty. Players are armed with various weapons such as crossbows, cutlasses, bows, and guns to fight enemy pirates. While Blazing Sails is indeed a battle royale, you won't be down and out unless your ship is completely completely destroyed.

The Early Access period is estimated to take around six to nine months. Features added during this period include a female character model, new ships, islands, weapons, controller support, and more. However, the Early Access statement says that there are plenty of essential features in Blazing Sails right now, including dedicated servers and an anti-cheat system.


For those who enjoy some good ol' pirate action, Blazing Sails: Pirate Battle Royale might just be the voyage you're looking for. Launching in Early Access on September 9, 2020, you won't have to wait long to hit the high seas. You can also access the game's Steam page now.

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