Blazing Bit Games Reveals Retro FPS Nightmare Reaper

Published: April 9, 2019 1:20 PM /


nightmare reaper

Mactabilis creator Blazing Bit Games has announced a new project. Nightmare Reaper is a retro-style FPS launching this summer via Steam Early Access. The game is inspired by classic '90s shooters like DOOMDuke Nukem 3D, and Wolfenstein 3D.

In Nightmare Reaper, players will traverse their nightmares, battling monsters and collecting treasure to improve their abilities. Blazing Bit is promising a retro FPS that also embraces modern design sensibilities. Bruno Beaudoin, the founder of Blazing Bit, says the idea behind the game was to build a sprite-based shooter with similar looks and mechanics to Build engine FPS games, but that was "more than just shooting monsters".

Check out the reveal trailer for Nightmare Reaper:

The game bears a heavy resemblance to games like DOOM and Blood and promises the same kind of over-the-top weaponry and secret-filled level design. The Early Access release of Nightmare Reaper will consist of the first episode only. We're not yet sure how many stages will be included as part of Episode One, but Blazing Bit Games says the final release will contain three episodes, each of which is "game-sized".

Beaudoin and Blazing Bit estimate that it will take about a year to finish the second and third episodes once the first has been released. The company is releasing Nightmare Reaper via Early Access in order to gauge fan reaction and hone the next two episodes to better deliver what players want from the game. Blazing Bit says it wants to "[keep] a dialogue open at all times" with the player base of Nightmare Reaper. We don't yet know exactly when the first episode of the game will be with us - the Steam page simply says "summer 2019" - but we're pretty big fans of retro-style shooters here, so we're excited about this one.

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