Blade & Soul Gets New Endgame Content On February 10

Published: January 30, 2016 8:15 AM /


Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul will be getting new endgame content on February 10 according to a news post on the official website for the game.

The "Rising Waters" update will have an increase to the level cap that will be added through a system called Hongmoon Levels. A forum post from last year about the original release of the game gives some insight into what would be involved with gaining Hongmoon Levels. If the system remains the same in the Western release, players will have to complete a quest before being allowed to access this new stage of leveling.

New PvE content will also be added for max-level players. Bloodshade Harbor will pit players against the Blackram Pirates and Poharan's boss Admiral Hae Mujin. Bloodshade Harbor will have a 6-player version, a 4-player Heroic version, and a 24-player version under the name Nightshade Harbor. Mushin's Tower will have its first seven floors opened as a Heroic single-player experience; new floors for Mushin's Tower will open up in future updates.

Lastly, the PvP Preseason for Blade & Soul will begin at the start of the update. Players will be able to acquire a form of currency called "Zen Beans" that is used exclusively in PvP. A new in-game UI will also accompany the PvP portion of the update. There will also be high-level rewards that can be purchased with Zen Beans, but the details of what these rewards are and their costs are going to be coming during the transition from the PvP Preseason to PvP Season 1.

More details about the Rising Waters update will be revealed in the days leading up to its release. Blade & Soul is the latest title from NC Soft who are best known for publishing MMORPGs such as Wildstar, Lineage II, and Guild Wars 2.

Have you been playing Blade & Soul? Do you think this endgame content will be enough to keep players interested or is there a lack of things to do in the game? Let us know in the comments below!


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