Blade Runner: Extended Edition Announced

Published: March 12, 2020 12:00 PM /


The announcement photo for Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition.

Today, Nightdive Studios has announced that they have partnered with Alcon Entertainment to create Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition, which will restore the 1997 classic Blade Runner for release on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox consoles.

Release 23 years ago, Blade Runner was an innovative masterpiece that has earned its reputation as one of the best games ever made. Painstakingly recreating the 1982 classic film Blade Runner, the game was canonically interwoven around the events of the film while delivering groundbreaking graphics and an original score that was a pitch-perfect recreation of Vangelis' soundtrack.

Blade Runner is still a jaw-dropping achievement on every level, so while we’re using KEX to upgrade the graphics and respectfully elevate the gaming experience in a way you’ve never seen before, we’re still preserving Westwood’s vision and gameplay in all its glory,” said Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick. “While you can enjoy the benefits of playing the game on modern hardware, the game should look and feel not as it was, but as glorious as you remember it being.” 

Since the game still holds up as an amazing experience so many years later, expectations will rightfully be sky-high. So, Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition will feature updated character models and animations, upscaled cutscenes using machine learning algorithms, widescreen resolution support, keyboard, and mouse customization, and more.

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition will release on Steam, consoles, and other platforms sometime this year. If you want to get super excited about the game, be sure to check out the developer's website, Facebook, and Twitter pages. For more details on the remaster, stay tuned to TechRaptor throughout the year as we... enhance all of the discovered data. If you can't wait for the enhanced edition, Blade Runner became available for sale on GOG late last year.

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