Blacksea Odyssey Quick Thoughts Video: Hunting Aliens And Grabbing Booty

Published: April 17, 2016 9:00 AM /



Well, what's this? Another top-down roguelike for me to play through? Luckily for me, I've already got experience from Starward Rogue and now a new challenger appears in the form of an Early Access game titled Blacksea Odyssey! Want to find out what I think? Make sure to watch my Quick Thoughts video below:

To summarize, Blacksea Odyssey has to be one of the most promising Early Access games I have played in a long time. It's fun, replayable, smooth and very well priced at £6.99/$9.99. You have quite a bit of variety in terms of enemies, upgrades, and locations. Combat is also enjoyable and very dangerous too.
As you can use your harpoon to rip off the limbs of these oftentimes hideous (and sometimes funny) looking monsters in a immensely gratifying way. The player can also find and pick up consumable items such as health pick-ups, steroids, bombs and more. 

I must warn you, though, this game is no cake walk. Death in Blacksea Odyssey is of the permanent variety, meaning you will lose everything if you were to die and start again. This may prove to be a bit difficult for players but the steep learning difficulty is nothing to be scared of and should be seen as a learning experience for those seeking to hunt in the big leagues.

Considering the game is in Early Access, I did encounter a few issues but that is to be expected. A few times when playing, the text of characters speaking in the stage selection menu was outside of its designated area and there was the occasional clipping issues. Overall Blacksea Odyssey is a promising title that I hope to see completed. It may be buggy in one or two areas, but the responsive combat, loot hunting and interesting enemy design was enough to keep me entertained for the amount of time I put into the game.


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