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Compile Heart has unveiled new information about their upcoming game Black Rose Valkyrie regarding the interview system crucial to the game. The game’s website has been updated with the interrogation systems details as well as with the reveal of two new characters. A translation of the site can be found over on Gematsu.

It was previously explained that Black Rose Valkyrie would include a betrayal mechanic in which a member of your party will turn traitor. Finding the defector is complicated by the mental side-effects of special conditioning the soldiers undergo. In order to discover the traitor, players will be given opportunities to interrogate their party members and root out the mole.

Like many games with a traitor mechanic, the way to sniff out a rat is by catching them in a lie. The same is true for Black Rose Valkyrie and after interviewing several party members players can review their answers and look for discrepancies. Find a liar and you’ll find your traitor.

Players will be able to interview their party members at set intervals and will be restricted to a limited number of questions. They will however, have the freedom to interview characters in whatever order or number of times they wish within that limit. So players will need to be thoughtful and strategic in their interview process, choosing who to interview in what order and how many questions to ask each person.

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Performing well during the interrogation will gain players evaluation points. Investigations can be furthered by requesting a reliable NPC Kana Hizuki interview party members on your behalf. Kana can interview up to three characters at once but the interviews have a chance to fail.

Kana’s interviewing abilities can be increased using medals earned during missions. If players invest in upgrading Kana’s abilities she will be able to increase the number of characters she can interview at once and the success rate of interrogations. Leveling up Kana’s abilities and conducting successful interrogations is an important aspect of the game.

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The two new characters revealed are Taiki Shinohara and Miyako Osatani. Taiki Shinohara is Director-general of the Secret Military Agency ACID who is in charge of the Special Force Valkyrie. Miyako Osatani is the protagonist’s direct superior and commanding officer.

Black Rose Valkyrie is launching on PlayStation 4, June 30th in Japan. 

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