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Black Rose Valkyrie

Compile Heart has released a lot of new information about their upcoming title Black Rose Valkyrie. The developer has made a video showing off the combat. The game’s official website has also been updated to include detailed information about the Valkyrie weapon system and how they play into the Tactical Combat System or T-C-S.

The video is only the first in a series of short videos Compile Heart will be releasing about Black Rose Valkyrie. This inaugural video displays the various combo attacks players will be able to use in combat. Chained attacks can be achieved as players land hits on the demonic looking enemies with their massive weapons.

Black Rose Valkyrie’s website gives insight into how these gigantic weapons can be used in battle. Valkyrie weapons will be extremely customizable through switching out parts and developing new ones. Not only will players be able to make their weapons more powerful but they will be able to spec them specifically for the type of combat their facing and fighting style they prefer.

Long, short and mid range attacks will be available if a weapon is appropriately assembled. The default Valkyrie form is designed for melee but by switching out “Armament Parts” the weapon can be modified for ranged attacks instead. Armament parts can be crafted as well using a “development” process.

Black Rose Valkyrie
Idea Factory/ Compile Heart

That’s not all the Valkyrie weapons can do though. These over-the-top devices will have a special mode as well called “Overdrive.” In Overdrive the weapons will access their full power and deal more devastating attacks. However, because this process is taxing for the soldier melded to the weapon (To learn more about the relationship between Valkyrie soldiers and their weapons read here) the use of Overdrive is limited. So we can assume that means Overdrive will have a limited duration with a cool-down.

The massive weapons in Black Rose Valkyrie appear to have a crucial, if not central role in the upcoming game’s mechanics. More videos from Compile Heart will be released as it grows closer to the titles release in Japan on June 30th for PlayStation 4.

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