The Black Market Grind In Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Is Now Faster

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Treyarch has issued an update to Black Ops 4's new tiered progression system to make it faster. The Black Market, which is time-limited and currently only available on PlayStation 4, allows players to unlock a whole host of emotes, sprays, weapon skins, and more through 200 tiers.

Progression is tied to time played rather than how well you perform, so you'll unlock items just by playing. However, players have found that the progression has been painfully slow. At its original rate, it would take an estimated 400 hours to unlock all 200 tiers. Since the first season of this progression only lasts 52 days, you'd have to play an estimated eight hours a day or 23 games a day.

In a recent thread on /r/BlackOps 4, Treyarch said that earn rate for unlocking Black Market Tiers "did not perform as we intended" and that they've updated it to move a bit faster. The final speed of progression across all modes isn't final, as Treyarch state that they will keep tweaking it until they get it exactly where they want it.

Treyarch also hinted that they'll be adding ways to accelerate the progression, as well as event and challenge-based tier skips. This is layer onto the base progression system sometime in the near future.

In the meantime, players have already reported that the progression speed seems faster and more rewarding.

In other Black Ops 4 news, Treyarch has recently addressed concerns that the server tick rate had been lowered from to 20hz, after operating at 60hz in the beta. In an update last night, they increased the tick rate to 30hz. A higher tick rate can create a more responsive player experience, with server send rate essentially being how many times a signal is sent to the server every second.

"We are carefully monitoring overall performance to ensure that these updates are working as expected before completing the next phase of updates," Treyarch explained.

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What do you think? Has the Black Market grind been too slow in your experience? Does it seem better with this update? Let us know in the comments!

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