Black Desert Update Launches On Both PC and Console

Black desert Update, Drakania Awakening, simultaneously launches on PC and Console, making this update one for the books both the company and game.

Published: July 27, 2022 2:10 PM /


Drakania Awakening Black Desert Update, Screenshot of the new Drakania class

Today is a day that the developers at Pearl Abyss won't soon forget, as they have launched the latest Black Desert update on both PC and Console simultaneously, marking a huge milestone within the company and for the game and its players. 

Drakania Awakening Black Desert Update, gameplay screenshot

What's in the Black Desert Drakania Awakening update?

The Black Desert Drakania Awakening update, is chock-full of new features, abilities, seasons, and weapons for MMO players to enjoy. One of the key features that are showcased within the new update is Drakania's abilities and skills. She is a fierce fighter already, and the addition of these new abilities not only looks phenomenal but seems to wreak havoc on enemies. 

Drakania now has access to a skill called Aerial Burst, which unleashes the might of the dragons onto foes who stand before her as she pierces through their hearts with her might Trion. The new Doombringer ability allows players to channel wind into their Trion, which will cause them to fly into the air, and crash back down upon enemies, smashing them to bits. Along with quite a few new abilities comes new melee-based combat, where players can really focus on obliterating multiple foes at once from close range.

We mentioned the newest awakening weapon, the Trion, but what is it? The Trion is a mix of two large spears, one empowered with Raging winds, and the other empowered by Raging fire. Both of these forces can be used simultaneously, where players can unleash the empowerment of both sides of the spear to achieve maximum damage. Hacking, slashing, and slamming enemies is Drakania's bread and butter, and this exclusive weapon helps her do so with ease.

On top of all that, the update brings an entirely new storyline to the forefront, where players will begin to learn more about Drakania's past, and delve deeper into her draconic heritage. Along with new quests comes a new season, Dawn of Dragons, where players will be able to unlock Drakania and have access both to gear support and faster leveling to help them achieve greatness with their newfound character. This new season content is only currently available to PC players located in North America, Europe, or South America at this time. 

Those who would like to read a full list of the Drakania Awakening updates to Black Desert can do so here. The game is currently available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Android, and IOS. 

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