Black Desert Online Receives a Battle Royale Mode and a Archer Class

Published: December 3, 2018 4:55 PM /


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Today, Pearl Abyss, the developer of Black Desert Online, announced at their Festa Event that a Battle Royale mode and the "long-awaited" Archer class added to the game.

The Battle Royale mode is called Shadow Arena, which will support up to 50 players. In this mode, players will start as a spirit looking for a body to possess. Once accomplished, players will need to destroy supply crates and defeat mobs in order to gather equipment and skills. During this, players will be fighting one another until one player is left standing.

Shadow Arena
How a Shadow Arena game will play out.

Shadow Arena will be released in Korea this Winter, with the western release TBA as they localize and polish the mode.

Starting December 5th, players will be able to pre-create their Archer in Black Desert Online, with the class being released globally on December 12. The class itself is, well, an Archer, with "stylish" ranged attacks and skill combos, and they have "magic skills" that are designed to harass enemies from afar.

A new expansion is also in the works as well. The new "territory" is called O’dyllita, which is scheduled to be released in Korea for the first half of 2019. New locales such as The Valley of Olun, the Thorn Tree Forest and the Castle of Thorns will be included, and the lands themselves host the Turo, which are big, powerful creatures that like to move in groups of two or three. Ahib, another race of mobs, are also included. They are magic bears-like creatures that will have the player bearly clinging to life after encountering them.

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A second PvP mode called Territory Mode was also announced, which will focus on the conflict between Calpheon and Valencia. It is a war between nations, and all Guilds that occupy a level 3 or 4 node in Calpheon or Valencia will be able to represent their nations and fight in an "all-out war." The release date for this mode is TBA.

What do you think of Black Desert Online? Do you play it? Have you played it? Let us know in the comments!

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