Black Desert Mobile Reveals New Hashashin Class Zayed

If you're into the MMORPG Black Desert Mobile, the new Hashashin-inspired class, Zayed, has been revealed. 👀

Published: February 11, 2023 5:04 PM /


Black Desert Mobile Zayed

Pearl Abyss has revealed the next class that will be introduced in its popular MMORPG Black Desert Mobile. 

Defined "Hashashin’s Awakening" and "the Sand Serpent That Shall Devour All" Zayed wears his inspiration on the sleeve and wields dual glaives on top of the power of the sands. 

At the moment, a release date has not been announced. We also don't know when and if Zayed will make the jump to the PC and console versions of the game, but you can watch a trailer showing him in action below.

Here's how Pearl Abyss describes Zayed. 

"After overcoming the trials, Zayed was awakened by the true blessing of Aal. He seeks to purge the enemies of the God of Sun with his Dual Glaives.

Zayed wields his enormous double-edged Dual Glaives as if they were light as a feather, and unleashes a flurry of unavoidable attacks, pushing his enemies to the brink.

Zayed’s sand serpents, created from his authority over the sands, rule over the battlefield and make all enemies quiver in fear."

Black Desert Mobile is currently available for iOS and Android. The game is a spin-off of Black Desert Online, which debuted on PC in 2015 in Korea and the following year in North America and Europe. The mobile version was launched in 2019 alongside Console Versions for Xbox One and PS4 released in the same year. These are simply titled "Black Desert."

The game is known for its fast action combat, excellent animations, and vast open world that the developers have expanded over the years, introducing new continents and even seafaring exploration. A spiritual successor named Crimson Desert is in development.  

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