Black Adam Multiversus Patch Changes The Hierarchy Of Power

The hierarchy of power has finally changed with the addition of Black Adam to the MultiVersus.

Published: October 31, 2022 9:52 AM /


Black Adam Multiversus Patch screenshot showing Batman, Harley Quinn, Arya Stark, and one other combatant duking it out.

Turns out that it didn't take very long for the hierarchy of power in the MultiVersus to completely change. The Black Adam MultiVersus update has finally gone live, although I say finally somewhat sarcastically as the previously announced delay only amounted to three days. That's not bad at all, especially for an industry that has made delays an art form; you can (and probably should) expect delays to last much longer than what basically amounted to a weekend.

Anyway, the Black Adam MultiVersus update comes with a new game mode, the Silly Queue, new maps, battle pass rewards, and some other changes. For cosmetic fans out there there's a bunch you can earn, and a handful of characters have seen updates to reflect how much the hierarchy of power in the MultiVersus has changed with the arrival of Black Adam.

Black Adam MultiVersus update showing Bugs Bunny fighting in the MultiVersus.
Pictured: the unchanged MultiVersus before Black Adam arrived.

Perhaps the most exciting thing outside of Black Adam is Classic Arcade Mode Alpha, which lets you grab a friend and choose between three difficulties to fight through a ladder consisting of variants of characters. You can complete the mode in 1v1 or 2v2, with Medium and Hard having 3 challenging boss fights. If a run is completed, you'll get a star on the character select screen to show the highest difficulty completed, with Easy being Bronze, Medium awarding Silver, and Hard giving you Gold, which is just groovy.

Silly Queue is where you'll be able to play new casual game modes going forward. Right now, 3 modifiers in 2v2 are available. One such modifier is Growth Spurt, which has players grow in size as they deal damage, and you can expect other silly modifiers along those lines too. The Battle Pass has also been extended to level 53, which means there are new earnable rewards in the Premium and Free tiers of the Battle Pass.

While you earn those levels in the Battle Pass, there are two new maps added to the game. There's a version of the Scooby Mansion without a roof, as well as Space Jam, which is an experimental map that is available to play in Custom and Lab. It's experimental because the developers are trying to balance it for those that prefer the 2v2 and 1v1 queues, which makes sense. Unfair or unfinished maps in a competitive game are the opposite of a good time, wouldn't you agree?

Black Adam MultiVersus screenshot showing a now out of day roster screenshot.
This roster is now out of date.

As for cosmetics, there's a new skin for Shaggy, two for Bugs Bunny, 1 for Taz, and a BMO announcer pack and a very memeworthy icon for Black Adam that can be earned for 35,000 gold. Basically, these devs are going all in on the Black Adam memes and I'm here for it.

With change coming as part of the Black Adam MultiVersus update, other characters have been updated to reflect the changes of power in the hierarchy. Notable changes include Arya Stark receiving a bug fix to prevent enemies from stealing her knife if they died with it embedded in them, an "errant hitbox" being removed from Finn, Morty's stickers now properly playing, and Wonder Woman's lasso now playing if used in the air.

For more information on the MultiVersus and how it constantly changes, stay tuned to TechRaptor.

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