BitComposer Files for Insolvency

Published: December 9, 2014 5:06 PM /



German Publisher BitComposer has recently filed for insolvency, and as of December 3rd it is now under the insolvency management of attorney Dr. Robert Schiebe of Frankfurt/M.

BitComposer is the license holder for Jagged Alliance and thus published the recent games in it such as Jagged Alliance: Crossfire, and Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, to attempt to reinvigorate that license. They recently published Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms by Games Farm an action-RPG and have been used by several kickstarter games for distribution deals such as Expeditions: Conquistador, and Shadowrun Returns. They have also taken a hit in credibility with some other games that were clearly unready for release such as Citadels, and with this news, one wonders if having a lack of funds might have been a problem for a game that may have needed extra time to get worked on.

Exactly what this means for the company going forward isn't known yet. They are in the early stages of this and it is possible that the company may just end up being restructured if it does well in the next few months. It is also possible that the company be unable to continue its work going forward which could pose a problem for games that they are currently funding. In fact, under the management of Schiebe it is possible they will shut down some ongoing projects to reduce the monetary outlay in an attempt to save the company.

It is also possible that regardless of the decision that BitComposer will have to sell off some of its licenses and assets to get the liquid capital necessary to keep running and pay off some of its debtors. If so there may be some competition on the licenses it does hold, at least in the case of Jagged Alliance. Other sales though have shown for games that have had some bad releases that the valuation on it is less then the public sometimes thinks.

What do you think this news means for BitComposer going forward? Do you think they'll be able to stay afloat despite the issues? If they do sell off licenses - which ones would you be interested in seeing ending up in other hands... and which hands? Tell us in the comments below!


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