Bioware reaches Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Alpha milestone

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has hit a substantial milestone in development, finally completing the alpha phase, and stating the game is really coming together

Published: October 26, 2022 1:58 PM /


Screenshot of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Solas character zoomed in, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Alpha

Bioware has announced that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf has completed the Alpha milestone in development, meaning that most of the core features of the game have been completed.

In a recent blog post on the EA website, General Manager of Bioware Gary McKay posted that not only has the game surpassed this amazing milestone but that the team can finally see a cohesive game forming right in front of their eyes. This is an exciting step in game development, as most of the features are now in-game and playable in an early stage.

So what exactly does this mean for the game from what we originally learned and its release date? As McKay mentions, this does not mean that the game is ready to go and almost finished, this simply means that the game is ready for playtesting, iteration, and finalizing art assets. This will open up the world of testing Dreadwolf so the devs can gain better insight on pacing, how each of the relationships between the player and NPCs develops through the gameplay over time, as well as ensuring that the storyline is cohesive and makes sense. 

McKay goes on to state,

"Hitting Alpha was the culmination of so much effort from the entire team and we used this milestone as an opportunity to come together and celebrate. We held a hybrid-style event with people onsite while others joined remotely and the team showcased their work to everyone at BioWare. We even took some time to do something fun and non-work related—a virtual escape room where we had to work together to help someone on camera find their way out. It was a really great time, and no matter where our devs are, it's important to share these types of moments together."

This is an extremely exciting moment for the team, as they can now play the game from start to finish, and gain a better idea and understanding of what can be finalized and what still needs work. The blog post states that this next installment in the DA series will push the limits further than ever before in terms of the stories shared throughout the main storyline, as well as bring fans to a place they've only hinted at; the city of Minrathous

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