BioWare Confirms A New Dragon Age Game is Still In Development

Published: July 22, 2020 2:46 PM /


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After a long period of radio silence, BioWare has confirmed that a new Dragon Age game is still on the way, although it's looking like we'll probably be in for a bit of a wait.

On the off chance you're unfamiliar with Dragon Age, it's a fantasy role-playing game created by BioWare. First launched with 2009's Dragon Age: Origins, the games tell the tale of the Grey Wardens,  an elite unit of warriors and mages who try to protect the world from demons and a terrifying Blight. There have been three core games in the franchise thus far, and now we know for certain that a fourth game is on the way.


"I realize that most of you are here for Dragon Age news and there hasn't been a lot of that lately...," began BioWare Executive Producer Mark Darrah on Twitter. Let me just run down some things I [can] say: [We are working on the next Dragon Age[.] Yes we are working from home[.] Working from home is harder[.] We are making progress[.]"

Development of a new game in this role-playing franchise isn't entirely surprising considering the millions of copies it's sold thus far, but we haven't gotten much in the way of big news until now. With Darrah's comments on the matter, we can move forward with the assurance that we will get to play a new Dragon Age game at some point in the future.

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When Will the New Dragon Age Game Be Revealed?

While an update on the game is certainly appreciated, one thing hasn't yet been mentioned: when will we be able to play the new Dragon Age game?

Mark Darrah hasn't given us any more detail other than "We're working on it." BioWare tends to release new games every 1–3 years and the new Dragon Age game was teased during The Game Awards 2018, so they've probably gotten a fair amount of work done.

However, BioWare has also been working on Anthem since its 2019 launch and that's a live service game. While the company does have experience with ongoing, online-only games — most notably Star Wars: The Old Republic — a live service game typically requires more development time and investment and that could be slowing the pace of development for Dragon Age 4. Combine that with work from home challenges and you've got a recipe for a pretty long wait.


My best guess is that we probably won't be able to play Dragon Age 4 until sometime in 2021. For now, however, we can take comfort in the fact that BioWare is still working on their next great RPG adventure.

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Are you looking forward to a new Dragon Age game? Do you think it will fix the mistakes of the more recent releases in the franchise? Let us know in the comments below!



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