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BioShock 4 Rumored to Be Set in 1960s Antarctica

Published: December 3, 2021 6:26 PM



A new wave of rumors suggest that BioShock 4 is going to be set in 1960's Antarctica, and you might not have to wait too long to learn more, either -- it's expected to be officially announced in early 2022.

The BioShock franchise has a long history of generally great games, and last year's Nintendo Switch release of the BioShock Collection surely added a few more to the bunch. Unfortunately, it's been a good few years since we've had a new game in the franchise.


That started changing two years ago when 2K Games announced the formation of a new game dev studio called Cloud Chamber. One year later, a number of job opportunities surfaced online that gave some hints about the direction of the game. Now, the rumor mill has apparently uncovered some new details about this hotly-anticipated new game in the BioShock franchise.

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What the Rumors Say About Bioshock 4

As VGC reportsSacred Symbols podcast host Colin Moriarty has detailed rumors that BioShock 4 will take place in the Antarctic during the 1960's. Players will once again be heading to a fantastical city; this time, it's called Borealis.

Critically, Moriarty claims that the developers are being given everything they need to get this game right.


"[The game is] codenamed ‘Parkside.'" Moriarty said in a Patron-exclusive early release for a Sacred Symbols video according to VGC. "I’ve been told that the development team has incredible latitude to get it right. That seems and sounds right to me.”

Moriarty further adds that the developer and publisher are playing their cards very close to their chests, noting that the game is "very secret" and "totally locked up."

Building on Moriarty's reported rumors is another leak from @oopsleaks (via MP1st) that claims the official name of BioShock 4 will be BioShock: Isolation. This separate report states that it's going to have a large open world, a minimum of backtracking, a factions system, and an "interactive living world that will change as you progress."

However, this second set of leaks also has a distinction that hasn't been reported on from Moriarty's side, at least from what VGC has recounted -- BioShock 4 will apparently have not one city, but two cities split down the middle horizontally and engaged in factional warfare.


This all sounds very exciting, but don't forget the golden rule of rumors: take everything here with a grain of salt. I've yet to see any compelling hard evidence for any of these rumors just yet.

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When is the Bioshock 4 Release Date?

Based on the rumors, the BioShock 4 release date has not yet been decided. However, it is apparently planned for an early 2022 reveal -- and there's always a chance that we can get surprised somehow at The Video Game Awards. If there was ever a time to make a splash, that's it.

For now, the original trilogy remains playable on PC and consoles and it's well worth playing. You can buy the BioShock games for PC and consoles via the franchise's official website starting at $19.99 or your regional equivalent apiece.


What do you hope to see from BioShock 4? Do you think this new game will be able to live up to the original vision of the first BioShock game? Let us know in the comments below!

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