Bioshock 1 & 2 PC Remasters Get Updated

Published: October 8, 2016 9:30 AM /



The launch of the remastered Bioshock franchise was less than ideal for players on the PC, with the games suffering from a multitude of issues (some of which were also present in the original games released back in 2007 and 2010). This rightfully upset a number of people who were looking forward to jumping into the remasters but didn't want to deal with these issues. 2K Games have responded to player feedback and have released an update that puts the games back on the right track.

First off is BioShock. The remaster of the original game set in the murky post-calamity city of Rapture has finally gotten a field of view slider that allows you to set the Field of View anywhere between 75 and 130 from the game's options menu. The game now also supports 21:9 resolutions for the select few that make use of those kinds of monitors. They've also resolved some unspecified issues with NVidia cards and have added a few graphical settings players on older hardware can use to make the game run better. In addition to this, tweaks have been made to the game's mouse sensitivity and they've made new additions to the BioShock's audio systems. A bug that would reset your settings when BioShock was shut down incorrectly has also been fixed. Full patch notes here.

BioShock also got a few tweaks and fixes that address some of the biggest issues players have had. The sequel also got support for 21:9 monitors and you'll be able to choose between 2 UI options: stretched and centered. BioShock also got tweaks to the game's mouse sensitivity and the like, and the performance on DirectX 11 has been improved in addition to fixes for the game's Occlusion Culling.

While these patches fix some of the more glaring issues, there's bound to be more updates fixing the various glitches present in BioShock: The Collection's remasters. Hopefully, they'll patch in a more comprehensive options menu at some point.

BioShock: The Collection came out last month and gave the original games a new coat of paint in addition to making it available to players on current-gen consoles.

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