Biomutant Officially Announced by THQ Nordic

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BioMutant Key Art

THQ Nordic has officially announced their new RPG, Biomutant.

The game, being developed by indie team Experiment 101, Biomutant is described as an "open-world, post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu RPG" that is set in a completely free-form, open world that includes decaying wildlands, a vast bunker network, large mountains or even an archipelago.

One of the biggest additions is the ability to recode your genetic structure to change the way your character looks and plays. Some mutations can lead to clawed hands, wings, or other changes, while others can grant you special abilities such as levitation, telekinesis, and more. These mutations are also caused mostly due to the environment, which is a world filled with bio-contamination and radioactivity.

Biomutant will feature a martial arts style combat system, combining melee attacks through different Wushu combat forms. The only way to learn these forms is to seek out and train with masters of the forms, providing a long-form progression for players. These forms, combined with the use of firearms and your mutant powers, provides plenty of play styles in combat.

A lot of different gameplay elements will be featured in Biomutant. Players will also have a variety of ways to traverse the open-world, from on foot to using jet skis, mechs, and balloons. Another addition is a robust crafting system that will allow players to create their own weapons, firearms, and even automatons; described as "scrap-toy sidekick." Tons of combinations can be made, from a battery-powered chainsaw to bio-contaminated sludge vials.

Experiment 101 also notes that players can attach mechanical parts to their body as well, with each combination creating a unique play experience for players. Like most RPGs, the story will change based on the choices you make. According to Steam, the New World is in danger as a plague is ravaging the land and the Tree-of-Life has begun to bleed. The tribes of the New World are divided, and it will take someone strong enough to unite the tribes for a better future or to bring them all down in the process. The story will also be fully narrated by an omnipotent Storyteller, but your actions in-game will decide how the story ends.


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Previously, Biomutant was accidentally leaked early by the German magazine GamesMarkt.

The game’s developers, Experiment 101, is an independent studio based in Sweden. It's headed by Stefan Ljungqvist, who formerly worked on Mad MaxJust Cause 2, and horror-themed MOBA Deadbreed. THQ Nordic, formally Nordic Games, is a games publisher located in Vienna. The publisher is well known for its high profile purchase of most of the assets of the now defunct publisher THQ in 2013, including several major IPs including Red Faction, Darksiders, and MX vs ATV. They would later buy the THQ brand in 2014, along with several other IPs over the years to create a robust back catalog. Recent years have seen THQ Nordic publishing more independent titles and new IPs, often working with smaller developers on console versions, distribution or other areas, with titles like This is the Police and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

Biomutant is slated for a 2018 release and will be released on the PC, the PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. The game will also have a playable demo in upcoming conferences, including PAX West, to help promote the game.

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