Bethesda Outlines Future Plans for Fallout 76

Published: November 27, 2018 1:54 PM /


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Bethesda broke their silence regarding Fallout 76's issues in a Reddit post yesterday, but was heavily criticized as a "copy/paste" response. Today, the company released more comprehensive plans that outline Fallout 76's updates for the future.

Bethesda posted on /r/FO76 a thread titled "Communication Moving Forward" which acknowledged consumers' frustrations with the game, and talked about future plans that directly addresses complaints about the game. In it, they said:

We know you’re frustrated and angry at the state of things right now, whether it’s the issues you’re running into in the game, or the lack of communication about fixes, updates, or news.
Bethesda also released a new article on their official website that will be part of a new series called "Inside the Vault." In it, they discuss future updates to Fallout 76.

The next update to the game will launch on December 4th, most notably increasing the stash limit. Players have a personal stash to stockpile their goods, and one of the most desired fixes was an increase in its size. It will increase from 400 to 600, allowing for many more items to be stored.

Another important addition to this patch is fixing an issue where players became stuck in power armor. Sometimes, players could not leave their power armor suits and would even experience some shocking visual changes to their character.

A few other tweaks include boss allocating the correct number of loot, players receiving cold-based effects when hit by the Cryolator weapon, and being able to respawn at the closest map marker if they are over-encumbered.

The next update takes place a week after on December 11th. With that comes PC improvements like push-to-talk, support for 21:9 resolution, and field of view settings.

Also in this update, once players hit level 50, they can choose a "SPECIAL Respec" allowing them to either pick new perk cards or move around SPECIAL points. The last two changes are significant in improving the C.A.M.P. feature:

  • C.A.M.P. Placement on Login: Your C.A.M.P. will no longer be automatically blueprinted and stored if someone is occupying your location when you log into a server. Instead, you’ll receive a notification that your space is occupied. If you decide to find a new home for your C.A.M.P. on that server, it will be free to do so. However, if you don’t attempt to place down your C.A.M.P., you will be able to switch to a new server where that spot is vacant and your C.A.M.P. will be fully assembled and waiting for you.
  • Bulldozer: This is a new C.A.M.P. feature that will allow you to remove small trees, rocks, and other obstructions so it’s easier to create and place your C.A.M.P. when and where you want it. You can also use the Bulldozer to clear these items from the surrounding area to make your C.A.M.P. feel more like home!
Lastly, Bethesda acknowledges that the last patch was very large and will try to reduce the size in the future.

Moving forward, it appears that Bethesda will have a more consistent line of communication, but a lot of work is still ahead for the company.

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Quick Take

This is all a step in the right direction, but the game has a long way to go. I am a fan of the increase in stash size and the new C.A.M.P. options, but it's not going to fix the lifeless gameplay. The game still runs sub-par and there's still no real incentive for PVP. I hope that in the future, once they work out all the technical issues and quality of life changes, they make new content that allows for a more fun experience.

Do you like these changes? What are your biggest issues with Fallout 76 so far? Let us know in the comments below!