Bethesda Introduces Player Vending Tax and a Group-only Quest in Fallout 76

Published: May 9, 2019 9:00 AM /


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Fallout 76 is still alive and kicking, and a new update introduces a few changes that was met with both positive and negative reactions.

You are now able to sell their items via a personal vending machine. By setting up a vending machine in their C.A.M.P., you can dispose of unwanted items. Of course, there's a catch. You're going to have to pay a cut to Uncle Sam. If you sell an item, you gain 90 percent of the sale price, while the rest goes into the void. It's essentially a tax that Bethesda says will "maintain the health of the game's economy and mitigate inflation."


This isn't a totally outrageous method of economy balancing. Sometimes, online games require what are usually referred to as gold sinks. In some ways, this is a gold sink. In World of Warcraft, the economy was so inflated before the launch of the latest expansion - Battle for Azeroth - that Blizzard introduced an extremely expensive mount to deplete rich players' gold. This was met with some mixed reactions as the one percenters reap the benefits of an awesome mount, while others are angry at the fact that they can never obtain it.

Fallout 76 players are also having mixed reactions, while others are poking fun at it. One player on Reddit says that too many players have maximum caps. "Personally I think we need even more ways to get rid of our caps," said /u/aburple on Reddit.

Others poke fun at the issue, saying that the 10 percent fee should contribute to a cause. /u/Panickedsoul says that it should go towards the construction of a roaming Liberty Prime. In another thread, he says it should contribute towards building a new farm for a friendly super mutant and his pet brahmin.


Poking fun aside, some players are upset about another inclusion in this update: a quest that requires you to play with a group. This update introduces the Pioneer Scouts faction, and some quests require players to revive fallen friend or some other form of collaboration. While Fallout 76 is always online, Bethesda said that players were able to enjoy the game solo if they wished.

That said, players do seem to be happy about other recent changes to Fallout 76. The game has a roadmap outlining future content, so more is yet to come.

Are you still playing Fallout 76? Do you have any issues with these updates? Let us know in the comments below!

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