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Bethesda showed off an extensive gameplay demo for Rage 2 during their E3 2018 press conference Sunday night. The demo consisted of pre-alpha in-engine footage, according to the trailer.

Check out the demo below:

The demo started with the main character Walker, an orphan born into this post-apocalyptic world and the "last ranger of the weekend," as he drives to the objective. The trailer showed that any vehicle you see in the open world is drivable. On the way to the objective, Walker was intercepted by a band of enemies and we got a chance to see some of Rage 2's vehicle combat as he fired rockets from the back of the car at the other vehicles.

Once at the objective, Walker needed to clear out a base of enemies. In this part of the demo we saw a mix of different combat abilities, whether it was supernatural/sci-fi weapons skills like gravity grenades nanotrite abilities, or an array of guns ranging from shotguns to assault rifles. A boomerang - AKA the Wingstick - was a reoccurring weapon seen throughout the gameplay demo, which was something from the original Rage released in 2010.

After clearing the base, Walker encounters a giant troll-like enemy that seems to be the level's boss and then the demo cut out.

rage 2 bethesda e3

The trailer ended with a Spring 2019 release window. Rage 2 is being developed in tandem by ID Software (Doom) and Avalanche Studios (Mad Max, Just Cause).  Bethesda representatives announced that the game is playable on the E3 show floor.

Leaked a few weeks ago by Walmart Canada, VP of Bethesda Pete Hines took a jab at the store before talking about Rage 2:

Perhaps best known for their low prices and ability to keep a secret.

Shortly after the leak, Bethesda officially announced Rage 2 with a live-action trailer, followed by a gameplay trailer the next day.

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