Bethesda E3 2016- New Wolfenstein Teased?

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Bethesda E3 Opener Wolfenstein New Colossus

Did Bethesda tease a new Wolfenstein game at the E3 Press Conference? 

In the beginning of the Bethesda press conference, right before the Quake Champions trailer was officially revealed, we saw a quick glimpse of a list of Bethesda-owned properties on a black MS-DOS screen. The list contained favorites like Commander Keen, Doom and Wolfenstein: New Order and Old Blood, complete with their initial release dates. One name, wedged in between Old Blood and the original Doom, however, caught the attention of several people on social media.

The title, New Colossus, nothing else is really known other than the fact that it's positioning in the lineup hints at it being the next game in the Wolfenstein series. The dates for New Colossus are also left blank, hinting at a future release date for the title.

No further information from Bethesda has been revealed at this time, so it is likely just an easter egg for fans, semi-confirming another project for the future. 

Quick Take

Wolfenstein: the New Order was a massive shot in the arm for the series, and Bethesda is on a roll with their old FPS properties as of late. Doom has seen a major resurgence this past month, and Quake Champions, despite the description of it being very similar to the styles of Overwatch, Battleborn, and other FPS Moba-style games, seems like the logical step for the series that helped popularize multiplayer.

Whatever New Colossus is, whether it is a Wolfenstein game or not, it is clearly an easter egg to help raise some speculation, much like how BioWare has been dropping small hints here and there in their Mass Effect: Andromeda trailers on purpose, and you know what, it is working like a charm.

Regardless, we know more Wolfenstein will be coming in the future. The question now is when? We probably won't see anything this year, but next year...maybe New Colossus will open Bethesda's E3 presentation for us.

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