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Published: April 8, 2017 11:00 AM /


Besiege Multiverse Three Catapults

The siege-engine construction game Besiege has updated to Version 0.45 and announced that a level editor & multiplayer functionality - billed as The Multiverse - are on the way according to a news post on the game's Steam community page. A trailer has accompanied the announcement:

Besiege is a vehicle construction game where players can opt to progress through a linear campaign or simply build devices to their liking for a sandbox level. Vehicles are created by combining different parts into medieval-era contraptions ranging from the realistic to the fantastical. Originally released in late January of 2015, the game has steadily progressed along but had yet to fulfill the community's desire for a level editor or multiplayer gameplay.

The Multiverse will combine a level editor and multiplayer gameplay into one update. Interestingly, the level editor itself will also support multiplayer gameplay, meaning that multiple people can work on the same level at the same time. The capabilities and limitations of The Multiverse will be dependent on the processing power of the host computer and are expected to be roughly equal to the single-player performance; that is, a computer that can support 500 total blocks in single-player should be able to host the same for multiplayer. Multiplayer gameplay is capped at 8 people total for the moment, but that could potentially change throughout the course of development. Interested players can read more about The Multiverse (and sign up to be notified about new updates) here.

Aside from the announcement of an upcoming level editor and multiplayer gameplay, the single-player version of the game has had a few updates made to it that are immediately available. Two new levels for the Valfross campaign (an abandoned mine and a great fortress) have been added. The game's localization system is nearing completion, so it won't be long before better support for multiple languages is available in the game proper. Finally, the developers advise that (as always) new updates will break any modloaders that you may be using.

Besiege is still currently in Alpha and plans to gradually increase their price as new features are added. Current owners of the game won't have to pay any additional money for the upgrade to The Multiverse, so if you don't own it yet and it seems like an interesting game you should pick it up while the price is still low. You can grab Besiege at [Affiliate Link], at the Humble Store, or on sale for 30% off on Steam for the retail price of $7.99 or your regional equivalent.

Have you played Besiege? Are you excited about the prospect of playing the game in a multiplayer environment and creating levels with your friends? What's your favorite contraption that you've created in the game so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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