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Tequila Games, creators of  digital card game Earthcore: Shattered Elements are releasing a series of 5 videos “The Making of Earthcore: Shattered Elements”.  These videos will give a behind the scenes look at Earthcore and how it was made.  The first of these videos was released today.

Earthcore: Shattered Elements

The Polish developers detail the decisions they made for the game as well as the challenges they faced in its creation.  The first video in “The Making of Earthcore: Shattered Elements” series reveals how the developers came up with game as well as explaining the game's mechanics in detail.  The videos will be released weekly.

“In these videos we want to share our passion for Earthcore: Shattered Elements and discuss in-depth the topics surrounding its development process”, said Lukasz Deszczulka, CEO of Tequila Games, adding “In some aspects making a game is like building a structure. We don’t want to make a wooden shack, Earthcore is going to be a cathedral and we hope people will visit it for years to come”.
Following videos in “The Making of Earthcore: Shattered Elements” series will cover topics such as: the potential game design danger of opening Card Crafting to players, how the team avoided clichés in storytelling and how they choose card illustrations for the game and many more.  Board game designer Michal Oracz, creator of Neuroshima Hex, contributes to the video series.  Tomasz "Morano" Jedruszek, digital artist for Magic: The Gathering and A Game of Thrones game can be heard from in the videos as well.

Earthcore: Shattered Elements
Craft your own cards


Harness the power of the elements in Earthcore: Shattered Elements, a CCG in which players can craft their own cards.  Players can create over 500,000 unique new cards by fusing cards together.  Strategy is based on a simple Rock, Paper, Scissor's mechanic paired with a Risk mechanic that makes players chose between using expensive powerful cards and weaker, inexpensive ones.

Earthcore: Shattered Elements is launching for iOS in March.  It has already been soft launched in Canada and The Netherlands and will soon be available in the App Store.  Make sure to catch the rest of the weekly, 5 video series on the game's official YouTube channel.


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