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Spike Chunsoft is bringing the next game from the Danganronpa creators, Zanki Zero: Last Beginning westward on March 19th, 2019. Zanki Zero: Last Beginning will launch simultaneously on PS4 and PC, a marked shift for a publisher that previously focused on handheld and console releases exclusively. The "survival RPG" sees the union of Danganronpa creators Yoshinori Terasawa and Takayuki Sugawara once more. The trailer below also shows off some of the English voice acting present in the Western release. Those who purchase the "Day 1 Edition" on either Steam or the PlayStation 4 will get a copy of Zanki Zero's soundtrack, either physically or digitally. You can attempt to discover the mysteries behind the end of the world in Zanki Zero: Last Beginning when it launches next March.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning begins, fittingly, with the end of the world. After an unknown disaster wipes out the majority of humanity in a day, eight strange survivors find themselves drawn together on a ruined island. Now fighting for survival as they attempt to unlock the mysteries of the apocalypse. All of the eight characters go through the stages of life rapidly over and over and are continuously reborn. Seven of the survivors are named after the seven deadly sins, with the eighth mysterious girl named after "original sin." You'll control one character individually as they explore dungeons in a first-person view, and hopefully gain enough knowledge to unlock more skills during the next life cycle.

Announced just earlier this year, Zanki Zero released in Japan this summer to decidedly positive reviews. Sporting a decidedly upbeat tone over the murder-mystery Danganronpa games, Zanki Zero is the first original game for the lead creative duo since 2016. Though it released in Japan on the PS Vita and PS4, Spike Chunsoft is instead bringing it to Steam for the West. With 2019 just around the corner, we'll get to explore the ruined dungeons of Zanki Zero: Last Beginning before long.

Are you hoping for this to be like Danganronpa? Do you like the idea of a shift to dungeon crawling? What do you think of the rebirth mechanic?

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