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Published: February 24, 2015 5:50 PM /



Indie developers Skyshine Games has teamed with indie publisher Versus Evil to release their successful kickstarter project Bedlam.  The post-apocalyptic, rogue-like, RPG is scheduled for release during the Summer of 2015.  The game was successfully funded back in OCtober of 2014 and finally it's got a release window for PC/Steam.



Announced on February 20th, Skyshine Games has partnered with Versus Evil to bring Bedlam to the market this Summer.  Using The Banner Saga engine Bedlam uses a unique art style to create an intriguing game. Set in the postapocalyptic future world called Bedlam players will command a crew tasked with traveling from the cit of Byzantine to the utopia of Aztec City.

“Simply put the Skyshine team has put together a winning scenario by combining a unique art style, with proven tech from The Banner Saga, and an experienced development team with Vigil vets” said Steve Escalante, General Manager, Versus Evil. “Bedlam has the ingredients to make a fantastic game.The success of the Kickstarter campaign illustrates gamer’s excitement for Bedlam and we are looking forward to partnering with them to bring the game to market”
Bedlam uses a unique 'blitz battle system' which enables turn-based combat to move swiftly.  This new system is combined with rogue-like and RPG mechanics of exploring a randomly generated world filled with randomly generated encounters and discoveries.  Be prepared when traveling through Bedlam because in this game there's perma-death.


There are four classes of crew members to enlist in Bedlam: Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle and Melee.  Load your motley crew of humans, robots, mutants and cyborgs into a Dozer to travel across the postapocalyptic wasteland.  Dozer's are huge weaponized, armoured fortresses that serve as the prefered method of transportation unique to Bedlam.


As your units survive battles they will evolve and improve into Elite and Veteran units.  The crew will also consume resources and players will have to manage three different types of supplies to keep going.  Evolving crews and new game plus play ensures a lot of replay value for Bedlam.

Improve your Dozer and your crew as you progress through the game.  Just remember you have one chance and one crew to make it to Aztec City.  If you lose your crew than it's game over.

Bedlam Cyborg


Bedlam features music from composer Kevin Reipl of Gears of War note.  Inspired by games like The Banner Saga, XCOM, and FTL,  Bedlam promises to be a unique and interesting gameplay experience. If you missed out on the Kickstarter campaign you can pre-order the game before it's released this Summer.

Will you be playing Bedlam this Summer?

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