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Published: June 21, 2018 12:30 PM /


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Rise of Industry is an upcoming tycoon game already in early access all (Steam; GOG [Affiliated]) about building a business. You’ll start with some cash and have a slew of products and materials to choose from to produce. Once you choose, it’s time to build your business to make as much money as you can.

There will be a career and free mode, both featuring procedurally generated maps. This will change the layout of the map, the cities on them, the amount of cities, and more.

Becoming intimately familiar with each city will be key to success in Rise of Industry. All cities already produce some product or resource, so you’ll have to take that into account when you choose what you want to make, as you don’t want to fight their production and drive down prices. Each city will be different and you won’t be stuck with producing the one thing, so you’ll see your business grow from something small, producing maybe one or two things, to producing just about anything you can imagine to all the different towns.

rise of industry city influence
There's a lot of information for each city, which will change over time. You'll see your influence with them, what they produce, and whether they're growing or not.

Relationships with cities will be important too, particularly with the one where your headquarters will be. What you produce can annoy the town, as it can pollute, be too noisy, or a whole bunch of other issues. They can give you the boot if you annoy them enough, so that’s why the plan is to eventually have ad campaigns and other ways to influence the city put in the game.

Rise of Industry won’t be as simple as just choosing the one commodity that is in high demand, however. Once you start producing to fulfill that demand, it will of course go down and the value of what you produce will as well. Not only is it more realistic, it will help you stop from taking the easy way out by producing solely the most profitably thing and a whole lot of it.

Diversification and utilizing resources, like water, for multiple resources will be important. Choosing what to build and where will play a big role in efficiency, as producing then creating the product takes time, but so too does transporting it. Making sure what you want to produce has everything it needs where you produce is important, which is why you’ll also be able to terraform the world a bit. It will be expensive, but you’ll be able to increase waterways and lakes, plant trees, destroy hills, and more to make your business go as far as possible.

rise of industry research
Even something as simple as producing chocolate cakes takes quite a lot. Now imagine producing TVs.

You won’t just be going down a list of buildings to produce what you want either. You will have to research just about everything, which is of course expensive. Not only will you need to research resources and the products you want to build themselves, but the buildings to produce what you want too. It’s a key part of the gamplay loop: create buildings to get resources, get those to the buildings you need to produce what you want, transport that to cities to sell for cash, build up what you have now or research something new, and repeat.

There are things to disrupt that loop some, though. Random events, like natural disasters, can put a big damper on your plans, and sometimes cities will offer you contracts that could prove to be too lucrative to pass up and give you the chance to increase your influence over them.

Rise of Industry will also have extensive modding support, with the developer stating every piece of code is being written with modding in mind to allow modders to do whatever they want.

rise of industry growing city
As your business grows, so too will cities.

Another bit of interesting information he told me was that the game will have multiplayer as well. I’m not too well-versed in tycoon games, but that seems to be an interesting feature that will let you help your friends out by working together to produce something, or maybe you want to see which one of you can build the most successful business. The choice of which way you go will be up to you.

All the basics of a satisfying tycoon game are here, with a roadmap to the future that will add in even more. If you’re interested in trying Rise of Industry out yourself now, and you can get it on Steam or GOG [Affiliated]. You can check out the roadmap for what features will be coming here.

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