Become Spooky in Final Fantasy XIV's Halloween Event

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Ride a One Eyed Monster

Wanted to get spooky in Final Fantasy XIV? Well good news, as the Halloween event will allow you to do exactly that when it kicks off this week.

While the in-game holiday is known as All Saints' Wake, the event will run from October 17th to November 1st, basically making it a Halloween event. If you're interested in participating in its activities you first have to get to level 15 and then need to finish the quest It's Probably Pirates. With that done, you can then find the Continental Circus over in Old Gridania. If you need a map, Square Enix has helpfully provided one to get you there. However, once you get to the circus, what kind of neat Halloween-themed stuff can you get there?

The biggest reward for most players will likely be the Circus Ahriman. In the Final Fantasy universe, Ahirman are one-eyed flying monsters that often serve as enemies you will do battle with. This one, however, simply gets you places. Looking like a pumpkin wearing a witch's hat, the Circus Ahirman is a goofy reward that can get you where you need to go in a vaguely timely fashion. The Ahirman isn't your only reward. You can also earn a pair of items to decorate your house. The Pumpkin Carriage gives you an item you can place outside of your house, to give it that spooky Halloween flair and pretend you arrived in style. You can also get the Fantastical All Saints' Wake Advertisement, in case you ever needed to remind people you were there.

If you don't have it already, Final Fantasy XIV is currently available on both PC and PlayStation 4.

Are you going to participate in this event? Want to ride something different? If a cat person gets bit by a werewolf do they become like a werewolf cat or a werecat or a catwolf or what? Let us know in the comments below!

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