Become a Samurai Mage in Mahokenshi, a Strategic Deck-Builder

Published: September 9, 2021 12:11 PM /



Game Source Studio has just announced Mahokenshi, a game which combines deckbuilding and adventure with Japanese folklore and overall mythos. You'll be able to explore the in-game map as you struggle to defend the Celestial Islands from an ancient enemy, the forces of corruption. Players will wield both steel and magic as they choose a samurai from four different houses, which defines how decks are built. Each house provides a different style for players to dig into, and each house receives their power from elemental spirits called the Kami.

Mahokenshi is part of my quest of finding innovative ways for mixing board games and video games. It’s a true adventure that features everything I wished for the players: Interesting challenges, impactful choices and an immersive universe.” said David Cicurel, Game Director at Gamesource.

What is Mahokenshi?

Mahokenshi is a blend of adventure and deckbuilding as you're a samurai mage defending the Celestial Islands against an ancient foe that seek to corrupt them. There are four house you can choose to play as that reflect how you build your deck and how you play. They are:


  • House Sapphire -  Defensive, drawing its power from the Kappa, ruler of lake and rivers.

  • House Topaz - Cunning, drawing its power from the Kitsune, master of fire and illusion.

  • House Ruby - Fierce, drawing its power from the Tengu, winged lord of the mountain.

  • House JadeSecretive, drawing its power from the Ogumo, spider kami of the deep forest.

There are over 300 cards in the game, along with fully animated 3D characters with maps divided into hex cells for players to explore. You'll roam across the Celestial Islands fighting powerful enemies while also coming across villages and other ways to grow your decks and evolve your cards into stronger versions of themselves. 

Mahokenshi is being released onto Steam's Early Access in Q1 2022. If you want something else to play in the meantime, maybe check out physical card game The Hunger Card Game from Magic the Gathering Designer Richard Garfield, or Trials of Fire and Griftlands on Steam.

What do you think of this announcement? Which Deck Builder are you playing right now? Let us know in the comments!


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