Xbox Game Pass August 2022 Games Let You Become a Roman

The first wave of titles for Xbox Game Pass in August includes Ghost Recon Wildlands, Turbo Golf Racing, Two Point Campus, and more.

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Xbox Game Pass August 2022 games look to be pretty decent this month, as players get to become a Roman, create and manage a campus, and begin trade offworld. There's also some DLC and game updates, new perks for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, and titles that are leaving the service on August 15th. Let's take a look at it all, shall we?

What Xbox Game Pass August 2022 games are coming?

Ghost Recon Wildlands (Cloud, Console, and PC) is available today on Game Pass, and is an open-world co-op shooting experience. This isn't the one with NFTs, but it is Ubisoft who is currently embroiled in disputes with their employees over their treatment.

Shenzhen I/O (PC) will be made available on August 4th. Players will write code and watch their instructions be conditionally executed in this open-ended programming puzzle game. Players will be able to design and test their own games, which sounds pretty cool.

Turbo Golf Racing (Cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X|S) will also be available on August 4th, and it's an arcade-style sports racing title for up to eight online players. As one might expect from the name, players will be able to smash their cars into oversized golf balls while racing to the finish flag.

Turbo Golf Racing
The title gets right to the point.

Two Point Campus (Cloud, Console, and PC) will be available day one on August 9th. Made by the creators of Two Point Hospital, Campus invites players to create a crazy university in a world of whimsy and education.

Cooking Simulator (Cloud, Console, and PC) is coming on August 11th, and players will be able to take over a virtual kitchen with all the tools and ingredients you'd expect. There are over 80 recipes to unlock and master along with 140+ ingredients, which may take a while. 

Expeditions: Rome (PC) will have players take the role of Caesar effectively in Rome on August 11th. Players will conquer foreign lands and navigate political intrigue while fighting with their party of Praetorians. What battle tactics would you use, and how would you guide the republic?

Expeditions Rome
How will you change the course of Rome's history?

Offworld Trading Company (PC) will have players trying to dominate the market on a colonized Mars on August 11th. With Mars rapidly emerging as the next great frontier, players will need to know what resources to acquire and what goods to buy and sell in order to eventually become a titan of industry in both the game's single-player and online modes.

What else is coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Incoming Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks include the Fall Guys: Coconut Milk Costume, which is now available. There's also the Skate 3: Upgrade Bundle coming August 11th, and the The Elder Scrolls Online: Noweyr Pack coming August 16th.

The Skate 3 DLC includes Skate Create Upgrade Pack, Maloof Money Cup 2010 NYC Pack, and Black Box Distribution Skate Park. With the next Skate title on its way, this might be a great excuse to go back to Skate 3 and get some practice in while you wait. As for the Elder Scrolls Online DLC, it includes a purple mount, a purple pet, and two crates containing some useful rewards. Players will need to own the ESO base game in order to use the DLC, which makes sense.

Xbox Game Pass games leaving August 15th

Want to know what games are leaving Microsoft's service in just under two weeks? Check out the list below:

For more information each wave of Xbox Game Pass games, be sure to stay tuned to TechRaptor.

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