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Pretty Princess Party

Let's be honest, who doesn't want to be a princess? Well, now you can with Pretty Princess Party from publisher Aksys Games.

This cute little title has you play the role of a young princess in her lovely enchanted castle, all decorated and adorned with the frilliest of pink lace and bows. Cute and cuddly, Pretty Princess Party is a game about building up your castle and its resources, transforming it from a drab place to a palace fit for a stylish princess. 

Those 20 decorative rooms in your castle can be decked out with over 1,300 lovely items, from wallpaper to paintings to furniture. The customization doesn't end with the rooms either, as you have access to over 50 different clothing options, including crowns and gowns to wear, and 25 hair-styles to adorn the top of your princesses' head. 

Players will enjoy a ton of mini-games in the process as well. Some mentioned in the video include decorating, baking, and horseback riding and more features and mini-games on your quest to rebuild your enchanted castle. The mini-games are also multiplayer, adding a bit of fun for friends and family as you rack up points and win items for yourself.

Decorate 20 rooms in your castle how you wish with over 1,300 lovely items: furniture, paintings, wallpaper, and much more.Finally, players will be able to take photos of their enchanted castle swag with their princess, showing off the decorations online if they wish. 

Pretty Princess Party is likely a game that is going to appeal to a very niche audience, but with a plethora of features and customization options, it may be enough for folks to collect them all to build their dream castle. Pretty Princess Party is set to release in the fall of 2020 for the Nintendo Switch.

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