Become the Next Dracula in V Rising

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Become the Next Dracula in V Rising

May 5, 2021

By: Patrick Perrault


Created by the Battlerite developers, V Rising is an MMO that has players struggling to become the most powerful vampires in an open-world survival game. V Rising will have players building and customizing their castles and converting humans to grow their empire. Players will awaken as a weakened vampire that will hunt for blood in nearby settlements to regain their strength and quench their thirst. You'll also engage in real-time combat and compete for world domination in PvP and PvE.

“The team took inspiration from everything from classic gothic horror literature to Netflix’s Castlevania to create a world of conflict where vampires, humans, and mythical beasts co-exist in a delicate balance. We want to give players the full vampire experience of avoiding the burning sunlight, hunting for blood, and building their castle. All this while competing against other players and being tracked by vampire hunters. This is our most ambitious game yet, and we can’t wait to reveal more information in the foreseeable future,” said Johan Ilves, Marketing Director at Stunlock Studios.

Like all vampires, you'll need to stay out of the sun to survive while becoming the lord of your castle and strengthening your base. You can play in solo or crate a clan with friends as you expand your castle and forge weapons and armor that will make you more powerful.

As for the gameplay itself, you'll engage in WASD combat with cursor aiming--there's no click to move. You can combine both melee and ranged attacks with a "variety of spell kits" to create your own method of owning the night. 

If this sounds like something you want to play, be sure to check out the Steam page and sign up for the Beta here. For more information on V Rising, stay tuned to TechRaptor for more details.

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