Become an Eldritch God of the Sea in Sea Salt

Published: January 18, 2019 5:07 PM /


sea salt logo

Y/CJ/Y Games has announced Sea Salt, an Action-Strategy hybrid. In it, you are Dagon, an Old God and the Eldritch force of the sea, where you summon an army of creatures in order to claim vengeance on those who defied you.

Originally, humanity prayed to Dagon and gave him tribute. In return, Dagon offered them fair winds for their fishing vessels, where they were able to prosper and grow rich. However, when a bishop of Dagon's church began to defy his will, Dagon's retribution was swift.

Sea Salt allows the player to control an army of creatures, cultists, and other horrors from the deep. Players can direct their forces to attack their victims, or withdraw to avoid their defenses. Sea Salt allows players to use the terrain in order to surprise and surround their foes, making them lose their minds in fear. Players will also be able to to use tarot cards in order to unlock sixteen different units, each having their own strengths and weaknesses.

As expected, the system requirements for Sea Salt are quite modest. The minimum requirements only ask for Windows XP as an operating system, as well as any dual-core processor and 2 GB of ram. The game is expected to be under 500 MB of storage, and will only require an Nvidia GeForce 7600, which was released in March 2006, nearly thirteen years ago. Essentially any PC within the last ten years should have no problem running this title, even your toaster may be able to run it.

Sea Salt will be released on Steam in Q1 2019.

Quick Take:

This looks interesting. I usually don't like the pixel art style, but this one really seems to use its pixel art to its benefit rather than as a crutch, creating a suitably grim atmosphere. I don't know if I will play it, but I will be following it as it nears its release.

What do you think of Sea Salt? Do you like the premise? Have you added it to your Steam wishlist? Let us know in the comments!