Beat Saber Oculus Quest Version Announced as Launch Title

Published: March 18, 2019 12:27 PM /


beat saber oculus quest

Beat Saber Oculus Quest version in the cards according to a recently uploaded trailer on the game's official YouTube channel. If you haven't had the pleasure of playing Beat Saber, it's an interesting mash-up of things everyone loves: music and laser swords. Now, the game will be making its way to another VR platform on the upcoming Oculus Quest headset.

Check out the Beat Saber | Announce Trailer | Oculus Quest video to see a bit of gameplay in action:

Do note that seeing yourself in the game like that will take a green screen, a camera, and a good bit of technical knowledge. It's still a fun game, though!

The Beat Saber Oculus Quest version will likely include all of the content as the core version of the game. Basically, that boils down to a whole bunch of songs, two laser swords, and a metric ton of fun. Players must swing their laser swords in time with the music to destroy blocks colored for either the red or blue laser swords in their hands. Moreover, each of the blocks have a directional indicator on them so you can't just wave your controller around all willy-nilly.

The addition of this game to the Oculus Quest launch lineup is certainly understandable—after all, it has sold over a million copies and has become the best-selling VR game of all time. Those sales numbers are sure to increase with the addition of another platform. Beat Games' Head of Marketing Michaela Dvorak believes that this new platform will be a huge success saying, "I am 100% sure that Oculus Quest will change everything. VR is going to finally become a technology literally for everyone. No limitations—not the space, nor the price, nor overcomplicated setup. VR is going to break into our lives and give us totally new possibilities."

We still don't know when we'll be able to get the Oculus Quest, but at least Beat Saber will be ready to go from day 1. No price has been announced, but it will probably be close to its Steam price of $19.99 or your regional equivalent.

What do you think of the Beat Saber Oculus Quest version? Does the addition of this game make you more likely to buy Facebook's standalone VR system? Let us know in the comments below!


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