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Published: June 9, 2022 4:19 PM /


bear and breakfast release date

During the Day of the Devs showcase, we now finally have the Bear and Breakfast release date. You and all your friends can start managing a bed and breakfast as a bear soon, as the game releases July 28th.  

What is Bear and Breakfast?

Bear and Breakfast is a management sim inspired by games like Theme Hospital. You play as Hank the bear who, with the help of friends, has the grand idea of making an abandoned shack, and other run-down buildings in the area, into a bed and breakfast. What better way to scam some cash from dumb humans right?


While there are quite a few things to juggle like making sure your guests are happy, maintaining your reputation, and working to draw in new humans to your scheme, developer Gummy Cat is aiming for a more laid-back experience in Bear and Breakfast. Could you min max this to your heart’s content? Probably. But more than anything, they are looking to make for a goofy ride. 

bear and breakfast characters

Part of that comes in the freedom to really make your bed and breakfast your own. There are a ton of options to customize your inn to look how you want, with all kinds of furnishings and fixtures to truly make it look unique. As if, you know, it being run by a bear isn't enough.

As more touristy humans arrive and you expand your inn, you’ll learn more about the surrounding forest and what mysteries it offers as well. Not every animal in the forest needs you or is necessarily on your side, which you will uncover the further you get into the game. Storylines and quests will reward you with various perks and upgrades for your bed and breakfast, along with the fun interactions that come with the whacky characters of course.

Bear and Breakfast comes out July 28th on Nintendo Switch and PC. 



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