Be a Social Media Star in Youtubers Life 2, Coming 2021

Youtubers Life is getting a sequel five years after the original made waves in the content creator community.

Published: April 13, 2021 1:53 PM /


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Get ready to flex your social media muscles: U-Play Online and Raiser Games have announced Youtubers Life 2, a game that's all about becoming the biggest social media influencer you can be.

As one might expect, Youtubers Life is a game that's all about being a YouTuber. This management game is all about making the coolest channel out there, whether you're focusing on gaming, fashion, cooking, or something else entirely. The original sold over a million copies (thanks in part to actual YouTubers checking out the game on their channels), and now it's going to be getting a sequel this year.

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What's New in Youtubers Life 2?

Youtubers Life 2 isn't just about prettying up the graphics — this sequel to the popular 2015 management game is going to be adding some cool new features, especially in light of how YouTube has changed over the years.

To start, a wider array of content will be made available for your in-game YouTuber including reviews, speedruns, unboxings, interviews, and more. This will be reflected in your subscriber count and view statistics.

Naturally, it helps to have a unique look if you want to succeed on YouTube. You'll be able to customize your character and your home to develop a truly unique style for your social media star.

Some things, however, have not yet been addressed by today's announcement. For example, "Trends" will be a mechanic in the game, but anyone who takes a look at the trending tab in the United States sees a mix of corporate accounts and milquetoast videos about eating cereal or similar things of that nature. I wonder if things like this will be addressed, especially because some of the most interesting content creators are rarely found on the Trending tab despite their popularity.

There's another big change that isn't really addressed in this announcement, either. Making money on YouTube has drastically changed since the original game debuted in mid-2016; it's nigh-impossible to make a living on the platform without supplementary income from things like merch, Patreon or Subscriberstar, and other social media platforms such as Twitch and Tiktok, especially in light of rampant demonetization.

The simple truth of today is that modern YouTubers are rarely doing their work on YouTube alone. Either way, it looks like this upcoming sequel is planning to evolve the original in several interesting ways — and you won't have to wait too long to play it!

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When is the Youtubers Life 2 Release Date?

The Youtubers Life 2 release date will be sometime in 2021. Unfortunately, today's announcement has not yet specified a launch date or a price for the sequel; all we know for now is that it's arriving sometime this year.

For now, you can get ready to play this social media manager by adding Youtubers Life 2 to your wishlist on Steam. You can also pick up the first game in the franchise by buying Youtubers Life for $24.99 or your regional equivalent.

Are you looking forward to Youtubers Life 2? Do you think the game will do a good job of capturing the modern content creator experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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