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Bayonetta Splash SSB4

Nintendo's Final announcement for Super Smash Bros ends with some big reveals. In the company's "Final Smash" Nintendo Direct event, Nintendo announced several updates and additions to the game, including two previously unannounced characters in the form of Bayonetta and Corrin.

Corrin is a player character from the upcoming Fire Emblem: Fates title, slated for release in North America this February. Much like Robin, Corrin can be either gender, and will use a combination of sword attacks and a final smash known as Dragon Lunge. Corrin will be made available to players in February of 2016.

The second character is Bayonetta, the titular character from her Platinum Games series. Her repertoire will utilize guns and her witch time ability, which slows down any opponent she is able to block in combat. It was also revealed that Bayonetta was the big winner in the European region of the Smash Bros. pick-em poll, and was in the top five in the same poll in North America. Her last game, Bayonetta 2, was a Wii U exclusive. 

Bayonetta will be the final DLC character released for Super Smash Bros, bringing the final tally to a whopping 66 video game characters; if you include all seven DLC characters and the eight palette-swapped characters featured in the game. 

Other announcements from the Final Smash video included new costume packs, including costumes for your Mii characters that recognize characters Geno, Tails and Knuckles, and a Chocobo hat to go with the release of Cloud from Final Fantasy VII

Speaking of Cloud, he was also showcased, and is currently available for download for your game, along with the Geno and Chocobo accessories for your Mii fighter. The Tails and Knuckles outfits will be released in February. Other costumes confirmed include Ashley from WarioWare, Gil from Tower of Garuda, a Bionic Arm to reference Bionic Commando, and the Takamaru outfit.

Nintendo has capped off Super Smash Bros, which has been a runaway success for both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS, receiving strong reviews and selling 4.03 and 7.37 million copies worldwide, respectively.

So what do you think of these additions? Good to have? Surprised by the choices? Leave your comments below. 

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